Wat er de komende jaren gebeurt …
Versterk je afweer op 5 niveaus
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Versterk je afweer op 5 niveaus
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Wat er de komende jaren gebeurt ...

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Recent schreef ik in een blog dat oude tradities hebben voorspeld dat er een tijd zou komen dat het licht op aarde enorm zou toenemen. En dat in die tijd bestaande machtstructuren zouden worden afgebroken en er, vanuit de chaos, een volledig nieuwe wereld tevoorschijn zou komen. Een wereld die is gebaseerd op liefde en respect voor al wat leeft.

Kom ik even later deze prachtige Engelstalige video van de bestselling auteur en sociologe Martha Beck tegen. Zij geeft op een unieke manier visueel weer wat er in de wereld gaande is en wat deze oude tradities hebben voorspeld. Wat mij betreft een aanrader!

Wanneer je geen Engels verstaat, kijk dan wat er gebeurt van 4.30 t/m 6.30.

‘She is one of the smartest women I know.’
– Oprah Winfrey


Je kunt het bijna niet geloven maar deze video is in 2017 opgenomen! Hier enkele reacties die ik daarover op Youtube heb gevonden:

It is fascinating to be watching this in 2021. We are experiencing this now, as result of this worldwide pandemic.
– Valerie Mason

This is prophetic wisdom! Given in 2017 … we see it’s truth unfolding in 2021.
– Yvonne

I can’t possibly say how grateful I am for this: as a fellow sociologist, as a woo-woo person who believes in global transformation, as a coach, as a workshop leader, as a spouse, a parent, a friend, a person…thank you for putting it so well. I’m going to share this with my circle of constructive interferers! 🙂
– Erin Bentley

Wow Martha! I am an artist and I have been feeling so discouraged and worthless lately. I feel like art is just not important enough anymore. I did not see a future in it. Now I realize that I do need to work more than ever. Thank you!
– Denise de Jose

I came back from this video!!!! It’s been happening! I watched this 4 years ago, and as 2021 has progressed, I’ve felt the dissolution. It’s happening
– Kendra Rose

I especially loved the way the pyramid dissolved on cue like magic in conjunction with what you were saying. You can’t stage that! Thank you for your wisdom. It is heartening for mine to be affirmed and strengthened in me.
– Kate Temple-West

I fucking love you! (I only just discovered you today and you’ve already changed my life in one of the, if not the most meaningful and significant ways EVER!) THANK YOU! You’re an amazing person!♥️
– AshleyC

This is the most hopeful thing I have heard…ever. Thank you Martha.❤
– Jeena Joan

Thank you so much for your visual demonstration and for everything you have said. It is a time to let go of ego and move forward with kindness and love!
– Laara WilliamSen

This explains sooooo much! I always believed in an awakenkng of consciousness too. We are so blessed to be alive to witness this pool dissolving the power structure pyramid!!
– Caroline Barringer

Thanks, Martha! This is brilliant, and quite accurate! I have been a lightworker and mystic (and writer) my whole life, and from the beginning of this current cycle I sensed that this situation in our country is really an opportunity to reach out to each other in compassion, empathy, and love. We are being inspired to join an evolution, not a revolution. As we come together more and more as One, our interdependence on and through each other is the reason we are on this planet at this time. Thanks and Blessings to you for all you do! Namaste!
– Tobie Hewitt

Mijn belangrijkste blogs hebben allemaal de foto van een tijger:

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